July 2018

Rest in Peace Ed Schultz – You will be missed.

I’ve struggled all day to find the right words to say about the passing of  Ed Schultz.

What can I say? Ed was a larger than life character.

He was bold, brash, fearless and kind. He was always so quick on his toes, charming and witty. Most of all, as a journalist, he was honest and brave. Ed did things his own way and wouldn’t allow the corporate news machine to eat his soul. I had the great honor of working directly with Ed for over 2.5 years, every single night. He became not only a dear friend but a mentor. I’ve learned so much about inside politics, TPP, TTIP, unions, the list goes on… Ed took no shit from anybody but always welcomed the discourse. He was magnetic on air.

Big Eddie, thank you for entrusting me with your show night after night. The airwaves will never be the same without you.


Manila Chan and Ed Schultz Manila Chan and Ed Schultz


~RIP Ed Schultz

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